"ISX is the most sophisticated, end-to-end scoring and sports data solution in action sports. It's the backbone of Street League Skateboarding, taking storytelling and fan-engagement to a whole new level with our experience and technology."

- Rob Dyrdek, Founder of SLS, MTV Star, ISX Founding Partner

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For events that are purely timed, we offer a state-of-art transponder and timing system tailored to everything from head-to-head downhill mountain bike races to hundreds of runners in a marathon to fields of race cars thundering at 200 miles per hour. 


ISX delivers seamless, end-to-end instant scoring and timing solutions, all presented with custom motion graphics for an unrivaled sports theater experience.  

ISX Scoring was created to deliver instant scoring at the speed of action sports with a level of storytelling never-before-seen in the industry.


It is the outgrowth of the combined vision of three unique, diverse individuals: Rob Dyrdek, MTV star/creator of Street League Skateboarding; Paul Taublieb, Emmy-winning filmmaker and X Games co-creator/producer; and David Paull, leading high-tech entrepreneur. 


For judged events, the foundation of ISX is our exclusive hand-held dial allowing for instant, intuitive scoring and data input. 


After data is entered, the ISX custom software crunches it and brings the numbers to life with high-end graphics, shaped into an easy-to-understand story-driven form. 


Storytelling Through Scoring

Instant, dial-based scoring that immediately pairs judges’ input with custom software, crunching the numbers to an event’s needs and outputing data into story-driving statistics for fans, announcers and athletes. Built on years of experience with real-time polling and data collection, the ISX dial provides speed and accuracy unparalleled in the industry.  

Instant Scoring & Live Data
Total Timing Solutions

From as basic as a clock for timed runs, to a full transponder system for all forms of racing, we have it covered – and timed! We can help with solo qualifying runs, head-to-head competitions and full fields of athletes, whether it’s a field of marathoners, cyclists, or high-speed bikes and race cars.

Dynamic TV & Venue Graphics

State-of-the-art graphics for venue displays, webcast, TV, and comprehensive announcer screens to help the story unfold. ISX expertly delivers graphics optimized for on-site fans, online streaming and TV viewing. Announcers and hosts are always up-to-date with robust ISX commentator screens that update with every new score.

Consultation & Sport Organizing

With years of global experience designing and executing all kinds of events, ISX is your go-to on format, rules, live event production, and TV/webcast. Whether you just want to bounce around some ideas, add us to your team or have us take the lead, we’re here to help design and run the perfect eventAdditional TV and webcast production available through our sister company TAUBLIEB Films.


End-to-end scoring, timing, and graphics solutions


Global. If wheels are spinning, boards are flipping, bodies are flying, or waves are breaking, we’ll be there to help you turn action into stories.



"We're thrilled to have ISX Instant Scoring add the excitement of live, instant scoring to the intense, non-stop action that goes down at the Vans Pool Party - brings the energy to fans at the Bowl as well as webcast audience watching online. It's a great partnership."


Justin Regan

Head of Global Sports Marketing

Skateboarding at Vans

"ISX is a key element in the progression of street skateboarding contests. With this technology, it pushes the difficulty and technicality of each and every guy’s tricks to defend or surpass a score which sets the bar high and makes it entertaining for the diehard and casual

fans. Results from each trick and run automatically appear on the jumbotron, computers, mobile devices, and TV making the contest story unfold for everyone watching an SLS event.


Brian Atlas

President & COO

Street League Skateboarding


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call Paul Taublieb at 310-403-8144 or fill out the following form to contact our team via email.


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